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Quadrax/ Slasher 2500 Winch Kit W/ Remote

Quadrax/ Slasher 2500 Winch Kit W/ Remote

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A quality winch at a great price!

-Single line rated pull: 2500lb (1134kg). Motor: SEALED Powerful 1.0 HP 12V permanent magnet motor.

-Control: Handlebar mounted mini-thumbswitch & remote control upgrade .

-Gear Train: Three stage Planetary metal gearing .

-Gear Reduction ratio: 136.1. -Clutch: Cam activated .

-Drum size: Diameter 2.0" / Length 2.9" .

-Contactor: SEALED 4 post heavy duty contractor .

-Cable: 40ft of 7/32" galvanized steel wire rope .

-Fairlead: Multi-dimensional roller fairlead .

-Motor Leads: 2.4M (6mm2).

-Finish: Black .

-Warranty: 90 Days.

Sku: 147-2500

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