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Yamalube 0W-30 Synthetic Engine Oil

Yamalube 0W-30 Synthetic Engine Oil

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Designed from synthetic and mineral base stocks to provide excellent cold-weather performance for all Yamaha Snowmobiles. Rated down to -40°C. This gives extra protection during the critical cold-start period where a large part of an engine's wear could occur.

-Faster starting than any conventional SAE 5W or SAE 10W grade oil could provide.

-Features an additive package not found in common motor oils, providing optimum low-temperature pumpability down to -40°C.

-The same legendary Yamalube® protection on the trail or lake, with even better protection during start-up in extreme cold.

-Shear stable.

-Anti-corrosion. -Resists heat.

-Smoother throttle.

Sku: YSM4SS0030LT

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