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Yamalube 5W-30 Engine Oil

Yamalube 5W-30 Engine Oil

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A specially blended mineral base with a robust, high-performance additive package, 5W-30 is designed to provide peak protection down to sub-zero temperatures. Created with utility ATVs and SSVs in mind.

-Extremely clean additive package provides all-weather performance and film strength to protect your engine from heavy load and heavy torque.

-Contains more performance additives than typical oils, which fight corrosion, varnish and wear.

-Provides low friction, high performance and longer engine life.

-The precise 5W-30 viscosity the factory recommends for your ATV or SSV used in below-freezing conditions.

-Provides low-temperature pumpability down to -29°C.

-The engine will start more easily, even on extremely cold mornings, and you'll notice a difference in its performance.

Sku: YTV4UP0530LT

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